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Hope is here!


 Are you ready to:


  • Recover from emotional injuries?

  • Exchange lies for the truth of what Christ says?

  • Transform your personal and generational flowcharts?

  • Bridge the gap between head and heart?

  • Rebrand your identity as the Beloved Son or Daughter of God?






is now available!

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Encounters of the Heart,


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Reframe Your Past

All of us have been injured. Emotional wounds can turn into false belief systems about ourselves, others, and God. These wrong beliefs, disguised as "normal thoughts," embed in our thinking, sabotaging our ability to live life fully.   For over 20 years I've helped people discover how and why these beliefs have taken root, using proprietary models that are not only effective, but psychologically and biblically sound.   

"I have had the honor & privilege of knowing Cathy Heiliger for 15 years, and have experienced healing personally through her work, as well as seen wonderful result with clients I've referred.   Her proprietary emotional healing models are some of the best I've ever seen.  Cathy is gifted in helping clients identify woundings, deal with the grief, and transform the lies that give birth to habitual negative behaviors.  She has a clear teaching ability, and leads people with a soft steady confidence into a safe place to explore personal growth and intimacy with God, relying on him as the ultimate source of healing.  I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking wholeness."


Marianne D. Allen, MA 

Pastoral Counselor

Associate Pastor/ Inland Vineyard

Refresh Your Present 

Are you content with how your life looks now?  What needs to change?  Deciding to do something will make all the difference!  If you've come to the place where what "is" isn't working, then connect for a

Refresh your present by rediscovering the truth of who you truly are! And if you don't know,  maybe you just need a little facilitation to find out!

Rehearse Your Future

Our purpose changes throughout our lifetime. Determining what we are here to do in our different seasons of life is a powerful step in finding fresh reason(s) for being alive! Purpose creates momentum for vision, the passion that captures and propels us to put legs to what's in our heart. Plans are birthed from vision,  which are the stepping stones to actualizing what we want.  So let's take these three steps and begin to create how you want your life to look. Your future can be right now!

"There are times we each examine our life and question our past, our purpose, our dreams, and even our sense of self.  Since I started meeting with Cathy in 2011, I have experienced her as a master listener skilled at equipping others to pay attention, to learn, and to engage in a hopeful, grounded life.  She is a gardener of the soul, her patience and kindness creating a space of encouragement for the people around her to bloom.  I am deeply grateful for her influence, wisdom, and presence."


Carole Meyer-Rieth

Event Planner, Writer, Artist

"Cathy is a treasure: a gift, a teacher, a coach, healer, counselor and above all…a giver. The entertainment industry can be quite the Siren, but Cathy’s voice is a healing instrument that time and time again has helped me to drown the luring noise with great peace and direction.  Her unique ability to empathetically listen to my needs and tangibly open a path of peace and clarity is like no other.  I am always amazed, yet fervently grateful, at the poignancy and insight of her words.  Her compassionate coaching skill challenges me with a gentle strength.  She is a profoundly impactful part of my life and I am grateful to her beyond measure!"


Robert Patteri



  "Cathy’s coaching is changing my life! Her expert training, keen insight, and powerful gift of revelation have brought to light deeply hidden false beliefs I’ve carried for years.   Gentle yet powerful, Cathy’s approach is the perfect combination of inner healing prayer and practical life coaching.  This is life-changing!”


Nancy Stafford 

Actress, Author, Speaker



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