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SPEAKING TOPICS (faith-based audiences)   

(All topics below can be adjusted to meet your needs as a conference, retreat, one-day seminar, banquet or single event.  Cathy is happy to develop other subjects that may not be listed here.  Let her know how she can best serve you.) 



Inviting participants into the screenwriting process, Cathy shares her signature presentation by introducing how HEROES sabotage their capacity to overcome their antagonists because of lies that have permeated their attitudes...and how the hero in us can overcome the injuries and fears that are OUR antagonists!  A popular and practical conference and retreat subject for men, women and young adults.

"Rest-onsibility" (New!)


Has "rest" been a four-letter word to you?  Do you feel like you've been in a war-zone mentality, dressed in "fatigues," hunkered-down to care for those you're responsible to protect and there's no reinforcements in sight?   If you feel you've been dodging bullets, rationing yourself, and can't hear from God because of the bombs going off in your world, this is a applicable and freeing seminar that will give you COMMISSION... to rest!  (Pertinent to both women and men in large and small groups.)

"Whatever you say, Dear."
Taken from Sarah and Abraham's journey into Canaan, we climb into Sarah's skin and soon recognize that her codependency with her husband's decision to lie--- and her decision to not confront him---almost cost her everything she tried to hold onto.
A powerful and dramatic wake-up call to elders and youngers in marriage. (One session.)

"The M&M Sisters!"


Mary, Martha and Lazarus are suddenly plummeted into a spiral of pain, loss and betrayal when Lazarus dies and Jesus chooses not to return to help. (Have YOU ever wondered, "Where the heck IS HE?" Hint: There's a bigger picture going on than what we can see in times of crisis!) 


A compelling four-part conference or retreat presentation most appropriate to women's groups,  with some humorous "M&M"  Candy skits thrown in!


"Called to Life!"


This is the story of Jairus on the way with Jesus to heal his dying daughter (Luke 8) when the process is suddenly and despairingly interrupted by a "woman with an issue."   Theme:  In most every women, there's both a suffering woman and a dead little girl, and Christ has every intention of calling them both to life!" Especially good for women's retreats.



"Legends of the Call"


A call to the 55+ group ("Legends")  to honor the life-long  knowledge base of their experience, rid themselves of the lies of aging, and be willing to become a member of a multi-generational community to spiritually re-parent and/or mentor the Youngers!  A great topic for men or women's events!


"Simplicity in Every Season"


How do we understand what season of life we're in, and then adjust our expectations of ourselves and others accordingly?  Jesus lived a simple, uncomplicated life, even though he was the most complex of all men!  He learned the secret of being able to see what the Father was doing!  But how?  A great event talk for any holiday, transitionionary season, or in seasons of refocusing one's  life. Suitable  for men, women and young adults.




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